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Consolidation in the Security Industry

The pace of consolidation in the Information Security industry doesn't appear to have slowed very much, with two significant acquisitions by major IT companies drawing some recent attention.

In the first case IBM acquired Watchfire, a US-based web security company that offers a range of services to assess, analyse and manage various web application security and compliance testing elements.

In an almost exactly mirrored move, HP acquired SPI Dynamics, also a US-based web application and compliance testing company.

Some concerned observers were extremely surprised to see HP acquire a security company - observing that HP isn't really known for its Information Security capability.

Others see nothing but potential - identifying the opportunities that these smaller companies now have to really advance the quality of their service offerings with major consultant support at client locations, and the extra reach that they now have as part of a larger conglomerate (especially at the larger end of the IT industry). This line of thinking is very optimistic, hoping that the companies don't get absorbed into the corporate structure and losing what made them special (as some have claimed happened to ISS after acquisition by IBM).

22 June 2007

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