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Vista's Changes Not Enough, Says Google

After recently gaining a favourable ruling that was going to force Microsoft to make it easier for third party software developers to add their own desktop search equivalent to Windows Vista, Google have issued a statement that the changes haven't gone far enough.

It seems that even though Microsoft have made it easier for the third party local search products to work, they haven't completely disabled the inbuilt Vista search and indexing function, nor allowed the third party applications the opportunity to control or disable the function.

Google's current argument about the steps Microsoft have made seem similar to the arguments made by the EU after they determined that Microsoft had not sufficiently opened the APIs that they had been required to.

Some have seen this as a step too far by the search engine giant. Pointing out that Google have known about the integrated search capabilities of Vista since early in Vista's development cycle (several years ago), critics have slammed Google for not acting sooner if the issue is so important to them. This change in attitude towards Google's position appears to be most evident amongst strong Google supporters.

23 June 2007

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