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Microsoft to Issue Critical Out-of-Cycle Patch

Microsoft is scheduled to release out-of-cycle patches this coming week, when it releases two patches, a Critical one for Internet Explorer, and a Moderate one for Visual Studio. The Advance Notification identifies that both patches will address the same vulnerability, with the Internet Explorer also including other Critical updates that can be met at this time.

Despite not identifying what the specific vulnerability is, it is possible that it could be an ActiveX Control issue, similar to ones that have been patched in the past when patches have arrived for both Internet Explorer and Visual Studio at the same time.

We're all going to have to wait until Tuesday for Microsoft to release the patches in order to find out just what the issues are and how they are being addressed. As both patches address remote code execution vulnerabilities, it is advisable for users to apply these patches as soon as possible. The arrival of the patches out of cycle implies some added urgency to ensuring the issues are patched.

27 July 2009

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