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Covering news on emerging threats, advice on good security practices, analysis, explanation of technical news items, and brief, accurate, non-biased synopsis of security-focussed technology trends, S?nnet Beskerming commentary is many things.

Whether you call it a blog, online journalism, or commentary on events, this is where you can find and search all relevant articles published by S?nnet Beskerming.

All articles will eventually be made available free of charge, however some content is initially only available to paying subscribers.

Available entries
Internet Flaw Highlights More Than Just Technical Problems
Posted in: Information Security
When Dan Kaminsky released a cryptic announcement that one of the core technologies (DNS, the Domain Name System) tying the Internet together was vulnerable to a critical weakness it gained the attention of many people, especially given that many of the software vendors who create the vulnerable sof....
Posted: 24 July 2008 15:49

You can Only Blame Technology so Often
Posted in: Information Security
Is the latest defence against embarrassing or criminal emails, text messages, and Internet activity that a hacker did it? Detroit's Mayor is currently the subject of a lawsuit alleging that he and a former aide conspired to lie under oath in a previous investigation.

That in itself isn't too muc....
Posted: 18 July 2008 12:09

Microsoft Security Patch Advance Notification July 2008
Posted in: Information Security
According to Microsoft's MSRC Advance Notification, there are four patches that Windows users should expect to be released next week as part of July's scheduled Security Patch release.

All four of the proposed patches are listed as Important, and they affect core elements of Windows, SQL Server, ....
Posted: 4 July 2008 14:31

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