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How to Survive the Economic Downturn (Discounts for All!)

Much has been written about the ongoing financial crisis that is gripping the world, from Wall Street and Main Street, to High Street and your street. Your company might be finding it more difficult to attract external funding, you might be finding it difficult to attract new customers or to retain those you already have. You might even be finding it difficult to get your existing customers to pay their accounts.

In all probability there have been job losses (maybe even yours) in your company, and almost certainly there have been losses in your industry.

So, how do you make sure that your company's Information Security needs (and your own) continue to be met when budgets are being frozen or cut and personnel are being stretched to do more with far less?

If you are running an internal security team, you can always use extra resources from experts in the field - us! Join some of the biggest global companies and government agencies and begin benefitting from our special approach to Information Security.

If you are no longer running your own internal team (or if you are the security team) then we are here to help you maintain the security posture that you have been tasked to achieve. S?nnet Beskerming is the ultimate force multiplier. Make use of our advanced capabilities do deliver results that will amaze and astound and make it look like you have an army of experts at your command.

You do. Us.

We here at S?nnet Beskerming recognise the difficulty that many now find themselves in and so are offering 25% off all of our products and services for as long as it takes for the economic downturn to be turned around (even if it takes years). To claim this extremely valuable offering, merely enter the coupon code 'DOWNTURNBUSTER' when ordering any of our Premium Services.

Since it is also the start of the festive shopping season, we would like to spread some festive cheer to all our valued clients and soon-to-be clients, with 33% off all of our products and services. To claim this even more valuable offering, merely enter the coupon code 'FESTIVE08' when ordering any of our Premium Services.

If the deep discounts on our already competitively-priced services aren't enough for you, please contact us to see what we can do for you inside your budgetary constraints. If you just have no available budget, then our various free services are there to be an important keystone for protecting and informing you.

S?nnet Beskerming is there to help you and your company survive this economic crisis with confidence that your Information Security needs are being met.

The coupon codes, for easy reference:

FESTIVE08 - 33% off all services and products, valid until 31 December, 2008.

DOWNTURNBUSTER - 25% off all services and products, valid until such time that there is consensus that the economic downturn has ended.

28 November 2008

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