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Multiple Products - Remote hacker automatic control

Version: Multiple Versions and prior.
Technical Details:

Numerous vulnerabilities have been disclosed affecting a broad range of anti-malware applications and products from a number of vendors. iDefense have reported numerous buffer overflow issues with Computer Associates' Alert Notification Server, while n.runs have reported numerous issues affecting NOD32 and Panda when scanning and filtering different file and archive types, while also reporting numerous scanning bypass opportunities with Norman products when scanning various filetypes.


Multiple anti-malware products have had vulnerabilities disclosed over the last several days, with most allowing a remote attacker to take complete control over a vulnerable system. Affected vendors include Computer Associates, NOD32, Norman, and Panda. It is possible that other vendors are also at risk from similar vulnerabilities (considered likely based on recent disclosure patterns).


Concerned administrators and users should check with their anti-malware vendors for the latest patches available for their products. While some vendors will not have patches available, it is important that the overall state of defences is checked and analysed.


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