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Oracle Products - Remote hacker automatic control

Version: Multiple Versions
Technical Details:

45 security related patches for a range of Oracle products, including 19 for Oracle Database products. Detailed explanation on the vulnerable system components can be found at the Source link, below. At least two of the patched vulnerabilities can lead to full remote control over a vulnerable system. Many of the vulnerabilities allow for EXECUTE privileges or creation of new database Sessions.


Major Database vendor, Oracle, have released the third Critical Update for 2007, providing a range of security fixes for a number of Oracle products.

With 45 new fixes provided, Oracle urge their users to apply the patches at the earliest opportunity - due to the risks posed by the vulnerabilities if they are not patched.

The next Critical Update is scheduled for 16 October, 2007.


Apply the Critical Patch Update from Oracle at the earliest possible opportunity.




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