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A Matter of Numbers

Over the last couple of weeks traffic to S?nnet Beskerming has skyrocketed, largely as the result of introducing our new online delivery formats for security news and commentary. Since the start of July, S?nnet Beskerming content has appeared on many websites, attracting many thousands of new and eager readers.

Since introducing the new format for content delivery at the end of June, S?nnet Beskerming has gone from success to success with attracting new readership and distribution methods. From time to time readers will note our content appearing on The Register,, and a number of other sites. Just in the last week, we have seen our content appear on the following sites:

A question that is often asked is - what is the effect of a Slashdotting? Although little traffic was observed in the period following the appearance of our article on Slashdot (due to it being the weekend), come Monday morning traffic spiked at 160 kilobits per second of data transfer, before tailing off to a sustained 40 kilobits per second of data transfer several hours later. In comparison, Reddit peaked at just under 100 kilobits per second of sustained data transfer, with a much quicker tail off period.

Based on the traffic from last week, S?nnet Beskerming expects to attract 60,000 hits per month, based on normal traffic, and triple that in referred traffic from online distribution (based on one Reddit and one Slashdot front page article per month). Another 40,000 hits per month are estimated from readership of the primary S?nnet Beskerming RSS feed, based on the last few weeks of traffic.

How is it kept running? With a mix of XHTML, PHP, and CSS, was built by hand completely in house. Always conscious of the need to deliver content in the most efficient manner (after all, not everyone has broadband), we have looked at different ways to bring the same content to the end user without creating a bandwidth-hungry page. As a result, most of our pages weigh in at around 100 KB, with the significant proportion of content being informational text. Our hosting provider also provides us with sufficient hosting capacity to endure a slashdotting without straining the underlying hardware and network connections.

Thank you to our readers for helping make our commentary and articles a success, we trust that you will stay with us into the future to keep up to date on important Information Security news and events.

9 July 2007

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