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User-created Applications Running on iPhone

After a couple of weeks of promising work towards completely opening up the iPhone for arbitrary control by end users, the team behind the majority of work so far (#iphone @ have released their promised toolchain that allows a user to take control over their iPhone.

This release has been backed up with the news that they have now achieved one of the most important remaining steps - correctly developing, compiling and running code of their choice on the iPhone. At this stage, the compiled code is only a basic 'Hello World' application, but the team have released the information and code that developers will need in order to produce their own software to run directly on the iPhone, and not just in the Safari browser.

Credit for the development and maintenance of the software has been given to Patrick Walton (Nightwatch) at the University of Chicago.

Developers that are looking to develop on the iPhone are advised to wait a little while longer - until the Toolchain becomes more stable and feature-complete, before embarking on their quest to develop new software for the iPhone.

21 July 2007

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