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An Interesting Fortnight Ahead for Information Security

With the Black Hat Briefings and associated DefCon only a matter of days away, more information is being made available about a number of the presentations that will be taking place during the gatherings in Las Vegas.

Based on the speaker lists that are available, along with the briefed topics for discussion, there are quite a number of highly anticipated briefs to take place. Among the most anticipated are briefs on the new techniques to completely compromise the iPhone using nothing more than a website and the iPhone's Safari browser, discussion and technical disclosure of new methods to exploit 'dangling pointers', discussion and training in offensive rootkit aspects, attacks against virtualised rootkits, and many more interesting topics and training sessions.

While there have been complaints in recent years about the declining relevance of many conferences and training sessions, the combination of Black Hat and DefCon so close to each other in Las Vegas still manages to exert what is probably the biggest pull on the Information Security industry and participants.

While the expected drama of the Blue Pill / anti-Blue Pill face off was quickly neutralised, it remains to be seen whether there will be any repeat of controversy from recent years, where vendors have had material suppressed from disclosure (even if only temporarily) and where major arguments have arisen about the relative technical merits of disclosure claims being made.

25 July 2007

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