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InfoSec Sellout Faces more Problems

After a hectic couple of weeks which saw the announcement of an OS X worm that has yet to leave the lab (Rape.osx), anonymous 'death threats' posted in the comments to the blog, attempted unmaskings, and a bizarre accidental deletion of the historical posts to the blog, the individual or group of individuals responsible for the InfoSec Sellout blog have encountered another stumbling block.

At the time of writing, the blog appears to have been suspended by Google (owners of Blogger) for "possible Blogger Terms of Service violations". Since the blog had been relatively quiet as it was being reconstituted after the accidental history deletion, it can only be assumed that someone took offence to the content being released on the blog.

Unfortunately for whoever took the steps to have the blog suspended, InfoSec Sellout was actually one of the more tame blogs that discussed various Information Security news and events and was always an entertaining read. This remained the case even after the apparently premature announcement about Rape.osx.

The suspension will only serve as something for those on both sides of the recent arguments to rally around. For those opposed to the reporting that InfoSec Sellout was carrying out, the suspension affirms their belief that InfoSec Sellout should be shut down. Those who support InfoSec Sellout will see it as another inflammatory reaction from some people who appear to have a looser grip on reality.

25 July 2007

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