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iPhone Bugs Hit the Streets

The team over at errata security are claiming what could be the first set of vulnerabilities to affect the iPhone, after less than 96 hours of general availability of the device.

At this stage they are claiming the presence of an unidentified Safari bug, and an interesting Denial of Service against the Bluetooth connection. Even without full disclosure, the Safari bug throws up some interesting material for others who are looking at the potential weaknesses in the device.

It appears to be the same as a bug that errata security have identified with the desktop version of Safari (but not fully disclosed). If this not just a one off, then there are plenty of vulnerabilities affecting the desktop version of Safari that will give enterprising researchers and attackers a useful means to probe deeper into the iPhone.

With the timeframe since the release of the iPhone so short, the vulnerabilities being discussed and disclosed are somewhat raw around the edges, it should be expected that they will soon become more useful and more efficient, even if the potential infection base is around 1 million devices.

4 July 2007

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