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A Quick Update on Global Internet Traffic Observations

Since so many people have been asking about whether there are any updates to our Glitch in the Matrix post, we've decided to post a quick update based on what our researchers are continuing to observe.

Overall Internet traffic, as observed by The Internet Traffic Report has settled back into normal ranges, though the 7 day charts show a clear deviation from the norm at the end of last week (29-30 June) and a little bit more volatility in the period since.

There is still no clear picture as to what was behind the lengthy deviation, with some regional networks still encountering out of the ordinary behaviour (though that might be within normal operating ranges for those networks, especially if they are under maintenance).

Port 5901 has now dropped to more reasonable levels on the SANS Top 10, but the fact that it is still present on the Top 10 should still be a concern for end users. Feedback from various sources and communication with the ISC indicated that while the observed traffic patterns were of interest, there was nothing that could be clearly identified as being more than a possible source for the behaviour.

4 July 2007

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