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A Present for our Readers

Here at S?nnet Beskerming we like any excuse for a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than to give out presents (yes, we know you should be giving us the presents, but we're feeling happy and generous).

For the month of July, all site visitors, RSS readers, or anybody who decides to look in on our site can obtain our July 2007 Security Patch Briefing Pack, completely free. All you need to do is to click on the link to be taken to our online store, then select the 'try' button. You will then be able to download a .zip containing our briefing pack for this month's Security Patch Release from Microsoft. The link points to the SME version of our briefing pack, but it is the same download for the other service levels. Depending on your service level, this pack is worth between $5 and $5,000.

What is the reason for this celebration? We've been keeping a close eye on our web server logs after our recent high traffic periods and noticed something very interesting over the last couple of days. Not only were we receiving traffic from more and more interesting and diverse sources (we're glad to make a difference for them all - even if some are profiting from our free resources), but some search engine referrers were implying some interesting results. At the time of writing, the following Google searches have us extremely high up in the listings:

"platform draws" - We don't quite understand why someone would be searching for this particular search, but we come out on top.

"July 2007 Microsoft Patch" - We are the first non-Microsoft result on what is probably a very popular search term at the moment.

"ARP Poisoning WPA2" - While it is one of our older articles that turns up first, we are extremely pleased to show up first for this query.

It is likely that we are scoring highly on a range of other searches, it is just that these were three of the most recent search engine referrers to turn up in our logs, and three that we return extremely relevant and useful results for. If this is how you have found our content, please enjoy your visit.

12 July 2007

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