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Fidelity Data Theft Case Worsens

One of the biggest cases of insider data theft reported in the last several months, that at Fidelity National (covered here), has worsened based on a filing provided to the Securities and Exchanges Commission earlier this week.

The initial estimate of compromised records was in the region of just over 2 million accounts, however this has been increased to around 8.5 million records. Of this figure, 1.5 million records contained credit card details, while 5.7 million contained checking account information.

Instead of being used for credit and identity theft purposes, it is believed that the data was only sold to an Information broker, who then sold it to a number of direct marketing firms.

When combined with the inadvertent disclosure of 1.5 million records on a ZDNet server following the discovery of authentication details on a Fox site, it makes for more than 10 million consumer records lost in the month of July (at least reported as being lost) alone. When losses of less than a million are compared alongside these sort of figures (SAIC's 900,000 military member disclosure), it makes them appear almost normal.

Fidelity indicated that it is likely that more records will be identified as having been compromised in the theft as the investigation into the incident continues.

26 July 2007

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