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iPhone Access Update

While the Information Security industry awaits the disclosure of an automated iPhone exploit, due for release at Black Hat USA on August 2, other groups have been labouring away in the background to improve the accessibility and functionality of the iPhone.

One of the most prominent teams working on providing access to the device (#iphone @ have released updated versions of their tools, including a point-and-click type activation tool, dubbed iActivator, that consolidates a number of the methods that can be used to provide system level access to the device.

Other groups (#iphone-shell) have taken the available tools and managed to compile a number of useful applications for the iPhone, which should provide interested owners with some exciting opportunities for playing with their devices.

This list of tools includes a working Apache web server installation, SSH, Python, vim, curl, and a number of other applications.

Research is ongoing, with more promising results likely over coming days. With the impending disclosure of the attack at Black Hat, and with the vulnerable state that some of the tools leave the iPhone in, it is recommended that iPhone owners uninstall or otherwise disable the activation tools while they are not using them.

27 July 2007

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